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Patrick Farrow Soldering
"The sculpture presented here is an outgrowth of my interest in drawing as a child. Though difficult and time consuming, I  eventually taught myself to “draw” in three dimensions using metal because it is the ideal material as far as versatility is concerned. Usually my models are created in molten steel which are then used as mold patterns for casting my bronzes utilizing the traditional “lost wax” method. These originals are very labor intensive to make, but allow the freedom of exaggerated line and fine detail. Occasionally I sell one-of-a-kind originals (uniques).

My subjects are a loose blend of images and impressions collected over a lifetime.  Early on my imagination was stimulated by years spent on movie sets in Hollywood and Europe as a result of my parents’ professions.  My art is a result of the total of my life so far....real and imagined, profound and mundane, animate and inanimate, a bit of this and a bit of that, whatever pleases the artist."

Patrick V. Farrow
Fellow, National Sculpture Society  NYC (Award winner)
Member Allied Artists of America  NYC (Award winner)